Mental health day where?

Last week I decided that I would take the day off today. There are 101 reasons why I needed today off. In my head I had my whole day planned out. I was going to clean on Sunday and get my errands done so Monday I could just relax. Sunday night I decided that I was going to drop off the kids at school, quickly stop for groceries, come home and finish cleaning the house, I wanted to catch up on notes for my clients for my other job, I was going to get my nails done, and then I was going to pick up the kids for an afternoon out. Delusional? Yes I was.

Want to know what I got done? I dropped off the kids late (I took my sweet time doing the girls hair), I started notes for my clients, I had lunch, took a 20 minute nap, picked up the kids and took them out, got home super late to get homework done and for them to shower, argued with the kids about homework, and now they are in bed.

What shitty fucking day that was… can I get a do over? Can I just call off again tomorrow? I am not ready for another week of work.

My goal was to have a mental health day and this just gave a mental break down. I am ending my night with tears in my eyes. I am so exhausted and overwhelmed that the thought of everything that has to get done is literally eating up my sanity. The thought of the time that I am missing with my kids is breaking my heart. There are not enough hours in a day.

My kids miss me. And I miss them.


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